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How To Deal With Haters

You know what it’s like… You’re out there working hard, passionate about who you are and what you’re doing, and up pops a “hater” – a negative naysayer who puts you down and trashes you. Unpleasant, right? Well, I’ve got good news and bad news… The bad news is that haters are inevitable, unavoidable, and simply a fact of […]

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The Definitive Answer To The Biggest Objection Every Network Marketer Dreads

Do these questions strike terror into your heart every time they come up?“How much money do you make?”“How much experience do you have in this business?”“How long have you been in it?”“What kind of results have you had, and how many people have you helped?”Do you freak out every time you hear them? Don’t worry. Anybody who’s […]

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How to Find Ready to Join Prospects Without Bugging Your Friends and Family

Have you ever wondered where you can find prospects who are ready to buy your products and join your team? I’m talking prospects who are already qualified and have a high likelihood of joining your business or buying your products.Well, they’re out there, right now, waiting to hear from you!I’m going to share exactly how to […]

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Four Traits of Your Target Market and How To Effectively Share to Your Ideal Prospect

No matter your industry, product, or service…ALL target markets share four common traits.And by target market, I’m referring to the super-specific group of consumers your product or service is aimed towards.It’s vitally important to understand these ideal prospects, because you simply cannot afford to market to everyone.In fact, the ONLY way to compete in today’s […]

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How to Deal With Rejection in Your Home Business

Let’s face it… One of the biggest issues entrepreneurs face is rejection. Which is worth talking about, because rejection is, simply put, a part of doing business. Your job is to sell stuff, and sometimes people will say “no.”How can you decrease that level of rejection? Well I’m going to share some helpful tips and tricks to get […]

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